Depressed 🥺

I’ve been overthinking and I’m depressed cause the loneliness is killing me🥺 I was in a relationship last in 2021 since then no man, to worsen it all I’m an orphan it’s just me and my sister and we don’t even stay together. I’m always alone at home morning till night no where to go to(I do my business at home and it’s not even moving like that😔), I have just 2friends and we don’t talk like that and they’re all in relationships except me. Every night I just cry myself to sleep, me that people used to envy my relationship don’t even have man I’m doing talking stage with🥺 I’ll be 27 this year and I’m scared cause I don’t even look my age, people see me and assume I’m 20-23, 25max, I’m a petite with baby face😩