What should I do🤦‍♀️

My wife and I got married last year around September and my mum has been living with us since then. I haven’t eaten my wife food since we got married because my mum always cooks for me, she said she don’t want me to forget how sweet her food is, she stays in the front seat whenever we are going out and even when I just want to take my wife out and have a good time with her, my mum will always insist to join and she’d stay in front. My wife complained to me about some of the things my mum does and I told her to over look it. My mum just misses her son and want to take care of me a little bit, but my wife wants her to leave so she can enjoy her marriage. My mum says she plans on staying till the end of this year and my wife isn’t having it, my wife has moved out from the house to her parent’s and she said I will come and marry her back when my mum leaves, I can’t chase my mum out of my house mad I miss my wife too, I don’t know what to do.


  1. Your mum is taking place of your wife, doing things your wife should do and you don’t know how to handle your home?

    It’s like you won’t have a wife in your life, because your mother will always act like that when she sees you with any woman

  2. i honestly can’t imagine a married matured man is asking what to do about this situation. You obviously know what’s right and so does your mum, but you are very oblivious to it. Now, put yourself in her shoes, if her dad did the same, how would you react. you will 100% lose your wife and maybe marry your mum.

  3. Mama’s boy. I understand that you don’t want to disrespect your mom. Mothers are important. However, you have to draw the line.

    Sit your mom down and explain to her that you appreciate her very much but you will appreciate her even more if she doesn’t take your wife’s place. I think all your mother wants is reassurance that you will always be her son.

    Tell her it’s your turn to take care of her, not the other way round. Taking care of you is your wife’s job now. Explain all these to her politely. Stand your ground and don’t be swayed. Your marriage is on the line.

  4. best reply’s ever. there’s nothing more to say. these guys have said it all. Not Man the f**k up

  5. it’s more spiritual than you think. your mama dey live with you immediately after your wedding. so your wedding night she follow una sleep for bed. wow. wow wow. DEY PLAY! JUST DEY PLAY!👍👍

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