Life sha 😪

As a street guy wey value him life
Normally as it should be
Did a blood test just to know my health care Like play like play
They said I got hepatitis B
I flashback back and remember I heard that conversation from a friend of mine who lives with me during ND days.
You know hostel stuffs nah
Sharing stuff together like say una be blood
I be Just a soft guy that love to help
See wetin LOVE carry me enter
Me wey sponsor myself go school
Almost sold my phone for my final exam Back then
Got diagnosed now
With all this expensive doctor up and down
My house rent don due 1 month ago spending 40k every 3 month just for a dosage
Who I wan tell my story..😭 breakup with my girlfriend make her destiny no later curse me.. she’s safe thou.. before she left !!!