I’m tired, just tired 🥺

I grew up from a family that my parents were always fighting, I didn’t grow up with love, fortunately I met a man who loved me and when I think of him, my sorrows end , this family issue still made me loose him because his family were not in support. Now he is married and everything we both planned, he is making it come to pass with his wife, and it’s been over 3 years and I haven’t gotten my life together, no perfect relationship, feels like nothing is working to say I had an abortion for him and now his wife is 🤰 and she is delivering outside the country. I feel I’m paying for my sins alone while he enjoys life 🥺🥺😭😭why me , no job , no relationship, the career path isn’t even clear , family in shambles 😭😭why me. I still have a lot to say, I’m in tears, nobody can understand how I feel 🥺I don’t even judge people anymore since life started happening to me😭😭

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