So there’s this guy I met online.
We’ve been planning on how to fuck each other and we finally did..
The sex wasn’t bad tho he fucked me like I wanted..
Only that I wasn’t wet which I don’t know why..
Normally I do get horny when my boobs are been sucked and I masturbate with makes me really horny and wet..but none of that happened like I wasn’t feeling any..only came back home with pains all over my body😭😭😭
My legs hurt everywhere hurt not to forget it was a threesome..I got slapped all over my body like a his my exact kind of sex partner can remember begging him to stop but he didn’t he was so rough and I liked it guess he wasn’t really happy with me because of it was with his felt very personal he was so rough on me n I couldn’t even focus on his friend cause he was just pounding me and I was begging and he told me to shut up 😂😂

My problem now is why wasn’t I wet?

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