Never hurt a girl please 😭 🙏🏽

There’s this girl we dated years back and she told me that she was a virgin but unfortunately I found out 1 years later that she lied about being virgin I was so hurt and down because I loved her so much &trusted her. I confronted her and she made a story for me about how she lost her virginity but I didn’t believe her so I decided to get revenge and hurt her back, I broke up with her and used her for sex only and made her go through hell. Anytime I looked into her eyes I can see a lot of pain and I was so happy that I get my revenge and continue playing her,then boom my life miserable 😭. I was so down to see money for food sometimes na war, I be uni lag big boy and I don’t value any money at all because life always great for me but I go through hell. I met one man and he told me that na because of that girl wey I played & hurt make my life miserable and he told me to fasting and ask for forgiveness, I did all that still nothing change yet my life was getting worse until I back to the girl and asked for forgiveness. We’re back together now and my life is getting better, I’m in love with her again and ready to give her the princess treatment she deserves but I don’t trust her for one bit. I’m so scared of being hurt or get cheat on because I don focus on her now but I think I don’t have any choice than to be with her because the man told me to not leave her until she finally done with me and let me go, so I’m ready to face the consequences because I think I deserve whatever happens because I treated so badly,

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