Help me!!! 😿😿😿

There’s food and enough money to feed but I don’t really eat much sometimes once or twice a day and I’m a slim guy from the scratch but I’m loosing more weight 😭💔 and my friends abuse me that I have money. I can’t eat 😭 whenever I crave for a particular food if I end up buying it I won’t be able to eat it much idk whyyy. Sometimes I don’t even feel hungry, I’ve tried drugs and blood tonic few month back it worked later on it stopped working I’m just fed up!!! I’m shy to walk into the hospital and complain 🤦‍♂️ God help me 😩😩

Pt 2
Another problem of mine is whenever I bath with sponge and soap my whole body itch me so bad for about 20 minutes before it will stop! But if I use only soap and water I won’t feel any itchy on my skin please what’s the cause of that??


  1. Go to the hospital for your loss of appetite issue dear
    There is really nothing to be shy about
    For the body itching..try using hot water to bath and maybe change your cream
    My body was always itching me badly after bathing when I was using one Nivea lotion like that…immediately I stopped..the itch stopped too

  2. That’s my post above I added my twitter handle earlier but connotare removed it

    Here’s my twitter handle if you can enlighten me more

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