Stay with me 🥺

I love you, I know I do but you’re leaving and it’s breaking my heart. I’ve been crying since morning, since you sent me that text. What’s going to happen now? I really tried, I was treading carefully, trying not to let myself go, but I did and it’s the way you treat me. The way you are with me, everything about you made me fall. I knew I loved for you for a while but I didn’t know it was – what do you want me to do now? What do I do when you leave? What if we stop talking?🥺 What if you get bored? What’s going to happen then? I need you to say with me , I want to stay with you. Are you going to forget me?

It’s breaking my heart thinking about you not being in my life anymore. I want you to say with me, please?

I just- I don’t even know what to say anymore

The least you can do is see me before you leave .

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