My woman cheated on me for 4 months, I confronted her and she opened up. I just understood that she has fallen out of love for me, what was my offence? Nothing! Just because am not in same state with her and the other guy is. I provide for her . She said, she wants me or still loves me, I told her to get rid of the other guy, in her response “give me time” and am not in for any competition!
4 years relationship (from university), standing with 1 leg💔


  1. If she says you should give her time… she’s for the streets and not remorseful at all….end it.

    1. She noticed the mumu loves her and doesn’t want to lose her. Shes smarter than the guy. The guy should move on else she will cheat on him massively in the marriage.

  2. Never forgive a cheating woman…you will pay dearly if you choose not to.I wish you all the best!

  3. Don’t be a fool bro, how do you people stay with cheating partners, if she cheats,That’s the end. She’s not even remorseful… give me time? Be a fuvking man bro

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