Messed up mind💔💔

My babe messed up my mind, she has been cheating for a while, just found out( I provide everything she requests just to make her comfortable)
she has been apologizing, but I don’t know how to get over the fact that she allowed the guy spend nights at the apartment I paid for her and they been fucking! I want to send my boys to go after him. I will deal with her internally…


  1. Better count your losses and move on,no go kill person cos of anger,,,, dealing with her doesn’t mean she won’t cheat again .
    Just forget and move on abeg e no worth that stress .

  2. Leave that hoe, no dey pay for anything that expensive for woman wey You never marry. Most women aren’t worth it bro

  3. Just leave the guy be, you don’t know what she might have told him (convinced and lied to him).
    I have a similar story with my gf of 3years( an ex now), she convinced the guy she was single by making someone impersonate me and calling the guy that we have broken up and he should date her cause she loves him.
    She did all this cause he didn’t wanted to date her cause he knew she was in a serious relationship and he wouldn’t want to spoil something beautiful and in all this we where still loving up like nothing is going on underneath.
    Fear women.

  4. You need to leave the guy. What if something terrible happens to the guy while your guys are mending him? Like someone said up there, count your losses and move on. You know whats crazy abt the female folks, you can never satisfy them matter the sacrifices you make for them.

  5. Omo fighting a guy because of a woman isn’t worth it at all… He might not have know y’all was in a relationship sef. Females can be manipulative… Just move on.

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