2021 really did me dirt😢

Okay, my story goes like this. I had a friend with benefit relationship with a girl early last year,Though, I had a girlfriend then (now my ex) but it was just online relationship and also a long distance thing, so I decided to try new thing in my school. Before you judge me, I’m not really the type that cheat, I’m always loyal to my partners because I hate hurting people’s feelings. So this girl I had friend with benefit with was a kind of that is not suppose to be amongst us because she has bad luck. She thought I won’t know but I later found out because I’m always observing all what is going on in my life whenever I’m dating someone just to be sure If I’m safe or not. To my greatest surprise, she knows that she has bad luck, she told me after I broke up with her because I confronted her and she never denied it and she was even surprised how I knew she has bad luck. But I prayed and i did some other things just to be on my feet again and thank God, I was on my feet again.So fast farward to October, when I finally got to see my girlfriend (now ex) in Lagos because that was the first time we met since when we started the long distance relationship in 2020..Well, we were so happy to meet each other in real life and we did a lot of stuff and it was fun. Now, why I said 2021 did me dirt, is because my ex bad luck has higher grade, I mean I have been down ever since we had sex, like life has never been the same as it was..Sapa upon Sapa. Just so many bad lucks coming my way, I’ve done all the necessary things just to be safe again but nothing has changed even up till this moment. I’ve been down mentally, spiritually and physical.. I’m always depressed now because I never saw it coming that I will be broke this way and never knew such thing would happen to me again after escaping one. Sometimes I even wish papers in my room turn to money (God help me).I’m crying and dying slowly .I just want to have money again because I know how much I spend on a normal day. Now if you give me #1k, i will thank you till thy kingdom come. Omo, life is unfair. Anyway, I’m learning work now and I’m also working in a small firm. I hope I stand on my feet again. Make God dey help person..

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