Lost 🥹

It took me alot to write this but at this point i need help. I’ve been dating this guy for 2 years and it’s been a bitter sweet journey, our families are even tired of our issues. He’s very manipulative, he rarely apologizes when he’s wrong, he’ll rather turn the table around and make me apologize. Couple of times i caught him cheating he turns the table and makes me beg. I find it hard to leave because he’s been a near perfect man for me, he’ll be a good man now and next he’s hurting me. Last night i lost it, i wanted to access he’s phone to delete my pictures because i didn’t like them, he dragged he’s phone, mind you i have never searched he’s phone, this is someone that access my phone when he wants. I got angry and insisted he refused, he made me leave at past midnight, which wasn’t even safe for me in a city i didn’t even know. It’s been almost 3 weeks of our said vacation but it’s been happy/sad for me. He brings out my past, even as much as people that hits on me even b4 i met him and uses it to taunt me, issues that has been sorted out. He made me block everyone that has been in my life as friends or has helped me, but him even when i notice something fishy he wouldn’t block the lady he’ll rather make me look bad for even questioning him. I can’t even find my ground because i gave my everything for this, i felt it would work. But he ended it like i meant nothing to him. I don’t even know how to concentrate in my business or get myself back.

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  1. Leave him you can go as far as blocking him on socials cause he does not love you the guy is just a control freak, and if you get married one day it will get worse.
    Time is precious don’t waste it with the wrong person.

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