Instagram girls are blesssings❤😍🫡

I text girls on Instagram normally for friendships and all, so when I get the vibes and most times I get reply when I’m broke. So the first one i got a response from after three days I borrowed #5k from her she gave me, I didn’t have an idea of how I would pay back my mind was I’ll block her if that day comes. We met and we’d sex and the next day I got $3k I was mad like I paid back and all got her new phone because that week was her birthday, she brought good luck to me. The other time I was broke I met this girl who gave me #19k in total to come and see her on Instagram because I explained to her, we met on Saturday and as I’m talking to you now my client wey block me just unblock me cashapp me $1k twice this morning that’s $2k, Mehn this girls are blessings. Instagram isn’t a bad app I’m waiting to be credited now so I’d bless her also I’m shocked Mehn. I don’t pray to be broke o but if I’m broke again I go find another girl vibe with borrow make I see if na luck again but till then I want chop life again😂 Thanks girls❤

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