Maybe this love thing is not for me 💔

Met this guy online last year and we’ve been talking for over a while now. We first linked up in June and did stuffs (drugs and fun) then he disappeared for 3 weeks. He resurfaced and we started off from where we stopped then 3 days later he disappeared again. I thought to forget bout him and move on by the second week he came back again and we’re vibing all over again. Long story short, he abandoned me at a place I haven’t been before with no money. Been calling and he’s not taking his calls only for me to try a number he doesn’t use much to call and it turns out is the elder sister’s number.
She told me he had a pregnant girlfriend whom he’s engaged to and I’m not the first person laying the complaints on him. She went ahead to advice that I stay clear off him as he’s a junkie and he’s prone to such lifestyle. She also said she’d send in money for me on Tuesday. I’m beyond broken, this was my first shot at a relationship after my last break last year. Now I feel like I hate the male gender the more. It feels like I could never bare my heart to love again

One comment

  1. You should have added you are a junkie too and he left you where u went to do drugs. Junkies in love. You need to set your priorities in life straight. You need help not relationship or drugs.

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