Tired!!! 😠

I finally moved out my parent’s house. Problem is I’m young and successful (which is risky in our country sadly) my mom manipulates me emotionally she cries and says she wants to move into my duplex with me I don’t know what to say because I can’t rent that big house alone I need a guarantor which is her that’s how she knew and wants to move in. I’m running away from her and now she’s following me everywhere I’ll just let her move in and kill myself she’d be happy. I JUST WANT TO BE FREE!


  1. I know she’s your mum but do not let her in.
    Do no do it.
    Once she moves in, she’s never leaving and she go spoil parole with your friends and babes.
    Heck! She won’t even leave after you get married.

  2. Once she moves in, gee won’t leave.
    And when she notices you’re tired of her and want her to go, she’ll make you feel guilty about it.

    Like the anon above said, Do not do it.

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