I need help💔😫

I decided to call my ex with a different number today and he didn’t know I was the one. I lied about my identity and funny enough he said he loves my voice and would want to know me more😂. I haven’t gotten over him for a year now.. He wants me to chat him up on WhatsApp and I tempted to open a WhatsApp account with the number I called him with🥺. I still love him, he made me feel loved though it was toxic a little bit. Maybe that’s how love works who knows maybe a second chance for me.


It’s me again with the story of my Ex
He asked for my pictures and I sent him someone else’s picture. A lot of compliment from him😂. Anyways I jokingly asked if he had a girlfriend and he said the last relationship he was in was 5 years ago… Ahhhhh💔 we broke up last year for God’s sake… I felt stupid when he said that to me.
I’ll make him pay. He broke me

One comment

  1. How do you intend to make him pay ?…you want to befriend him and break his heart ?

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