Travel 💔

Since my Babe travelled to america, she has totally changed, she doesn’t wanna break up the relationship, so she wouldn’t be the bad person in the story. But am literally dating myself right now(I know I am)💔. This relationship, it’s just like a Crete of drinks with no liquid💔, I feel alone.


  1. Break up with her. She’s raw fucking some other dudes over there while you’re stuck here crying like a sissy. Break up with her and go live your life.

  2. What is done is done. Get yourself side chicks while at it.
    Or better yet, end the fucking relationship. Ty.


  3. What were your plans before she travelled? Do you guys want to get married?

    Do you intend on going over to America? Or is she coming back to Nigeria?

    Ask yourself some soul searching questions bro.

    Depending on your answer, you could either end it, or have a very open and candid conversation with her.

    Whatever happens, happens!

    I’m saying this because I’m in similar circumstances with you.

    My fiancé is in the UK..
    I know how you feel!

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