I’m bleeding. 😭😭😭😭

I am so confused, I have been at the university for the past 5 years and I still don’t know what career path I want. I’m failing all my classes, all my mates are graduating this year and getting married. I feel like a failure; my family is disappointed in me. I’m a mockery now for everyone. The thought of turning 23 in a few months kills me more. I have a part-time job as well.

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  1. You are still very young 🌱.
    You are not a failure.
    There are so many ways to figure this out:
    You should speak to a councellor
    Or a life coach, if those are expensive. then there are also websites that help people discover career paths like careerexplorer.com, the websites ask you questions and predict your career paths based on your answers.
    You could also take a break from school for like a year and focus on online business or your job.
    Or you can find it yourself by carrying out a SWOT analysis. (This is what I did for myself a few years back and I am doing pretty good now).
    Have a great day whoever you are.God bless you. You are not a failure.

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