Hmm…since I was young I have always had this fear of staying out late at night, well that’s because each time I stay out late bad things happen 🤧. First was when I went out to buy generator oil, omo naso bike jam me, thankfully they were no serious injuries. Then my biggest fear happened last night.


So last night after closing from work around 6pm,I decided to rush and take my phone to where I was to fix it,well the guy didn’t finish on time,so I left there after 7, so I started trekking a little because I couldn’t get bike or keke,that was how two guys came out of no where and pointed a gun at me (don’t really know of it was a gun) it was dark,omo they took everything phone, money, power bank and even the cooking things I bought, and they told me to cross to the other side and start going home 😂, well I thank God they were not violent. E pain me o but we move🤧

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