E shock me sha😂

It has happened again😂. I came to visit my “now-ex” yesterday. It was all good energy until a particular WhatsApp message entered his phone and it was from his so called female friend that they used to send nudes and stuff to each other. I got angry and asked him why they were still in contact and he was like do I expect him to block her because he can’t. Then I said okay then, I’d kukuma keep contacting my ex-flings too, and I did in his presence. He stood up and went out . After about an hour I called and texted to know where he was and even told him to come back home that I wasn’t fighting with him again. He came back a little past midnight and I asked him where he went, he didn’t respond. He went back to the living room and came in after few minutes and this boy told me to excuse him because his real girlfriend was around, I thought he was joking. Then this babe entered. To say I was shocked was an understatement, he said next time I will learn to respect a man’s ego. He told me to leave the room for them, and I said I wasn’t. Next thing I knew was they started having sex in my presence 😂😂. Eeehhhh. Na inside film I dey watch this kain thing e never happen to me before. I laid down on the bed and watched them have sex in my presence. Iyen Emi na. Relationship wey go clock one year next month.. Tooh olorun tobi seh Alllahhu akbarrr.😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 . Anyways, moti pada single o😹😹😹😹.I don’t know why I’m not even crying or feeling bad. Ehhh God is the greatest. Sorry for my long story o.


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