more like a sister ❤

I deal with alot of anxiety and sadness. I didn’t/don’t tell people what I go through but I can tell you to some extent what I go through. I love you sooo much, you might never see or know this because you just wouldn’t 😅 but I was so fucking attracted to you in js3/ss1 the feeling I felt when I was around you felt different, I can’t really describe it with words. I started to question my sexuality lol, but then I realized that I felt that way because you gave me the attention I wasn’t really used to, you made me feel welcome and liked… like I actually meant something. Um, I can’t really tell you thin real life but I really appreciate our friendship J, I appreciate you reaching out to me, checking in on how I’m doing and subconsciously helping me with my anxiety. when I talk to you I feel distracted from my problems. I hope I never lose what we have, I hope you stay in my life forever and I pray God keeps us both alive and together by 100+ 🙏🏽😅 I will always love and respect you J❤

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