Dangerous Love 🥺💔

She was engaged then before she got married , she came to me and told me she knows I have feelings for her but she’s getting married that week. I was hurt but I accepted the faith then when she wanted to leave the hotel room she locked the door and took off her top jumped on me and started to kiss me. I was still shocked but then as a sharp guy I held her fat soft ass and we got on it. We fucked from the bed to the floor where she knelt to the bathroom and we showered together then fucked again. When she was leaving, she said it won’t happen again that she just wanted me to feel good. I still felt like I wanted her and more but I respected her decision. Now it’s been months since she got married, we’ve done it more than I can count. I don’t know how to stop myself and she doesn’t even want to stop. The day we agreed to stop again we still had sex and she was crying and I cried too. I think am in love with her.

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