Worst thing to happen to anybody be it man or woman is to get married or enter a relationship without any source of livelihood. That phrase of my husband’s money is my money is a very big lie. This joblessness is making me so depressed and frustrated and this man i married is not helping matter at all, I have searched for jobs everywhere and it’s like the people are not seeing my CV. And my husband won’t establish a business for me, okay establish for yourself let me run it for you atleast to keep myself busy, he still refused, turning 28 next month yet no dime in my account, God don’t let this depressing moment of my life take my life. All I want is a job or a business so I can take care of my mother and beautiful daughter, I wish my husband can see my heart to know how heavy it is, but I guess he’s happy I am dependent on him. I know one day I will have the respect I deserve .

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