Ghost Mode activated ( 💰 )

A woman will ghost you if you don’t give her money no matter how much she likes you .. No matter how you feel she is comfortable just give her what you can afford 💰 I can’t believe someone whom we were cool all love and sweet has suddenly become cold because of some silly Bill I neglected 😂 Give your woman money before another man gives Her Oo


    1. You are wrong!!
      Men should learn how to provide for their women did he tell you she doesn’t spend on him too , you probably just want to open your mouth and ask him to leave her because of money
      Please if you can’t give good advise just ignore the confession and move ahead!!!

      Please Mr writer, don’t ignore your babe because of that , you can tell her you don’t have or promise to give later , she would understand
      I can’t be with a man who doesn’t give me cash tho

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