My mistakes

September 2021 I bought my first car because the side hustle was paying off well then, I got the care for two reasons 1) to attract my then girlfriend now Ex to me, stupid love even though it attracted her but she wanted to be using me as ATM. Also I wanted to be running Uber once in a while when I want but deep down I knew it wasn’t the right decision because I really don’t need it, I’m still young and the officials will keep extorting me but I still bought anyways. I told my dad my friend added money to it because I want to do Uber and not to tell people about it, not knowing since then this man started thinking I’m so rich and he ended up telling and posting it that her daughter bought her a car hmmm. Well I sold the car in march and used the money to invest in visual arts, got an apartment to start life all over. even though these people still believe I’m rich only if they know life is hitting hard right now. I’m depressed and still dwelling in the past mistakes.

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