Heartbroken 😃

I haven’t done this before and decided to try it out for the first time because I really need someone to talk to. I’m sorry this would be less than 60 words. Why do people cheat? It’s really disheartening. I’ve been dating my boyfriend now ex for 10 months now, at the beginning of the relationship found out he was flirting with girls and all that shii, he apologized I forgave, 5 months into the relationship he cheated on me, it was really really painful cause I really loved him yea, I was literally shaking cause I didn’t deserve that, he apologized and apologized did everything he could do, I forgave him, he promised not to do that again, saying he loves me and doesn’t wanna lose the relationship and all that, we moved on, things were going smoothly, it was fun. I travelled and insecurities came in, he was accusing me on cheating saying he’s scared and all, that if I cheat on him it’ll really hurt him, he was really gaslighting me at a point I even thought I was cheating with an imaginary guy, I had to reassure and reassure him. Only for me to find out that he cheated on me again, probably numerous times after everything , after the promises, I didn’t deserve that, nobody deserves to get cheated on, it’s really really painful cause even if he cheated at first I still had hope for us for him hoping it won’t happen again. I’m just so angry and numb right now.
I just needed to type this out I feel a lot better now. Thanks ❤💡

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