I love my girlfriend so much and I’m sure she also does, but she has a bad financial attitude, she manages money badly, she can spend #50k and still look like she hasn’t spent a naira. She makes money on her own but I also give her money and buy her things, she is very stingy to her siblings even to me. She saves with me and always end it with fights and I understand she does that to her friends and parents too. Now I’m also getting stingy to her because I noticed I’ve reduced things I get for her and I don’t put her in my financial plans like before. She didn’t ask anything from me but I give her as much as she need and always know what she needs but now even if I know she’s lacking some stuffs, it seems hard for me to help her too because she always prove so wise whenever she has some little change. Please what can I do to get over this stingy thoughts towards her or maybe she can still change too but I’m sure she can’t, I just don’t want to learn the bad stinginess attitude from her again , it’s not my fault too but I’m a good learner and I’ve always warned that she shouldn’t make me to like her

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