In my extended family, there’s this my cousin that I’m always compared with. Almost all my cousins compare me with her, they all believe she’s the good girl and perfect in everything while I’m the bad person, they don’t believe in me or try to appreciate my effort. In terms of beauty she’s dark and I’m light skinned, i am not ugly I know that, we are both pretty but in cases when people choose me over her they will say it’s just because of I’m fair that’s why. Secondary school and primary school days, we were compared in terms of position. Because of this I put in effort and started coming out in first 3 from class 4, yet my efforts were not appreciated, even my mum currently compares me to her almost every time. It hurts me most that my mother that is not meant to follow the crowd is now worst than them. I didn’t enter university immediately I graduated from secondary school, that one year was hell for me, she kept on looking for excuse to shout or embarrass me but my cousin stayed 4 good years at home and nobody is talking about it, they are even encouraging her. I love my dad, he doesn’t even try to say any hurtful words. Any little thing I do he appreciates it and I’m thankful for him. If he ….. but Godforbid I’m running out of the house because I can’t survive staying at home without him at least to defend me.

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