Masturbation (tf)

This is so draining, I know I’m not supposed to but it’s really hard for me to stop. I literally just rode my blanky till I came, it felt good but I’m tired of masturbating all the time. Ever since I found out that I could ride my blanket till I cum I haven’t stopped. I want to because this is messing my relationship with God and the messed up part is that everytime before I m__turbate I tell myself God will forgive me, he always forgives me. Look at how messed up that is. I’m lying naked on my bed right now and I hate myself. I’m tired of this and I really really really want to stop. I need strength from God to fight this

One comment

  1. It’s your conciousness about masturbating that keeps you in it.Keyword (conciousness). When you focus on something more fulfilling you will slowly begin to lose conciousness to the habit
    P.s when u relapse , there is a great chance you will ,don’t feel bad,change your thoughts to the fulfilling idea or meditate on God’s word even more.You will win.

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