Fear grip me 🤣

This “baby” post reminds me of December last year with my girl ,then I didn’t know how to wear a condom 😅. I mean I would spend about 5 minutes trying to wear one and even dick gets flaccid whilst trying so laslas bin the unused condom, smash the snail raw and became confident in my pull out game. So December last year, I timed her safe period and went on a week holiday with her, knacking raw throughout and pulling out. The first time, she was too tight and sweet that I couldn’t pull out successfully, so I poured it in. After 2 weeks post holiday, babe called to say she’s weak and dizzy and feels like vomiting. Omo I begin Dey shake, throughout that month naso I lean o praying that she isn’t pregnant but I was telling her I hope she’s pregnant 😂😅.wahala 😂
January when she called to say she’s seen her period, I said “shiit” formed sad, meanwhile I was on top of my world over here. I even dashed her like #50k for seeing that period, but she didn’t know that’s the reason for dashing her till date. That pain she complained of was “Premenstrual Disphoric Disorder”..I even did the research 🧐😂.Now I have forcefully learnt how to wear a condom now 🤣🤣

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