Happy Anniversary baby ❤

Today’s our anniversary and we just went to eat our last N500 meal together at our favorite local restaurant. I’m happy to be spending another year with the loml. I know next year is gonna be better than last year’s anniversary celebration. I know God got us because i can’t understand or fathom how nothing is working. We’re back in bed and just pressing phone laughing my data is about to finish too, at least i can laugh. It’s laughable how our situation is, i just wish God can provide something for this man. I can see the secret tears when i complain i’m hungry and with the baby i get hungrier. tired of begging for money from my friends too. I can tell when he’s crying but he smiles when i talk to him but i know God that did it for Joseph Isaac and Jacob will do something because i’ve left everything to God, i’ve done all my best. Today we won’t eat or celebrate our anniversary after this last meal and i’m at peace. Just show love to each other you never know what someone is going through. Happy Anniversary baby❤

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