testimony time✨🙏🏽😇

Last year I was taking my o levels ie.. waec and neco, I made a promise to God that I’ll give him a testimony of I should pass them.
and I did. In my neco I just had one credit, the rest was b’s and 1A. In my wassce I had A’s and B’s but I wasn’t able to give the testimony in church because I was very shy and had like low self confidence. I came on connotare because this is my safe space, yall are like the family I don’t want to meet but still love. So I’m doing the testimony here, thank you lord for helping me in My exam. it’s not by my power but by God’s grace, I wasn’t really prepared for the exam but by God’s grace I performed excellently. thank you God.I hope to come on here to share more testimonies as I have other exams this year.

  • A✨

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