Been crying all day, feel like I should let this off my chest; I’m a student, been dating this guy and it’s been really amazing he is a very nice person and tries his best to take care of me and all that but I feel like this isn’t what I should be doing at this time of my life, I’m not financially stable and don’t even know where to go from here. I live in my boyfriend’s house (we don’t live together, he stays in another city but pays the rent and literally handle all my bills😥) all my friends are still struggling for their own stand so I can’t possibly go stay with them (squatting in hostels) when I get some money to start up something it’s either I’m solving a family problem or sustaining myself in school like. I’m really tired and don’t even know what to do, I’m literally crying as I’m typing this and the worst of it all is I think I’m pregnant. I’m not keeping it but I really feel like a failure
I want to end the relationship but where do I even go from here😥 no savings whatsoever , where do I go exactly…..
I’m just a failure 😥😥😥

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