I don’t even know what’s wrong.
Could it be my introverted self affecting me🥺. Recently, the people I call “friends “moved out of town, even though I still have some of them in same city as myself, but then they all seem to have moved on fast with life:making friends and just posting on social media and I seriously feel neglected.
Okay, so,the other day I invited two of them to come let’s go do a certain activity I love doing together but 1 came up with the story of I don’t have money,the other was just acting all uninterested (meanwhile,we’ve all been in this city for over 3 months and she never cared to make an effort in us hanging out or at least catching up, but she’s busy with her new friends on social media😭).
Everyone keeps saying go and make new friends yourself but the thing is I have social anxiety and it’s affecting me
So I remain friendless basically 🥺
I’d remain at home sleeping and scrolling through Social media🥺🥺🥺

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