Confused bird

I started dating this man around August even though we made out ok the night of our Hall party around June. He proposed a relationship to me but I had a boyfriend then who I really loved. Though I told my boyfriend I made out with someone which he claimed he had forgiven me but I doubt so because of his behavior. So this man stays in the same house with me. His room is upstairs while mine is downstairs. Right now, I’m into him and can’t get my mind off him but he’s engaged and getting married by March. I feel sad whenever I remember he has a wife nd sometimes if he tells me he’s broke and he spends so much on his wife especially her surgeries because she’s asthmatic. I find it hard to even find another guy plus he’s saying we shouldn’t break up that he loves me. It isn’t even easy for me because we’ll surely see every time. Though I broke up with him finally today but I’ve been moody since because I do hear his voice whenever he passes by my room. I offended him too but I don’t know if I should apologize

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