My boyfriend and I have been having issues recently, the last time I saw him we had a misunderstanding and I left where he was. I was angry for some days and I tried to pour out my feelings to him but I saw that it seems like he doesn’t care at all, only for him to mention that he saw am empty pack of postpill in my bag, I don’t even know that there was an empty pack in my bag until he said it out that was when I checked then I realized it’s was the one from last year that I used when I was with him and just left the pack inside my bag. I haven’t carried the bag in a while until the day I went to see him, stupid me didn’t even check inside the bag because I was in a hurry. I have never cheated on this guy before since we started dating, I don’t even keep male friends and I don’t go out also I have not even had sex this year. I have been dating him for more than two years but any opportunity he gets to accuse me of cheating, he just use it and it hurts me a lot that he doesn’t even trust me. Even when I have seen his chats with other girls several times and I would still forgive him and move past it. Now it’s seems like he is ready to leave me in this relationship, I’m really hurt, I have been pretending that I’m strong, faking smiles and laugh up and down but deep down I just want to sleep for days and wake up and see that everything is over. I can’t bare it, my heart really aches I don’t know what to do.

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