Everyone has a sad story

Today makes it exactly a year he deflowered me, exactly a year I lost my pride to him, never knew my first sex would lead to pregnancy, he left when he found out I was pregnant for him. I’m still living in pain, I’m still single, he made me hate men, he turned me to an addict. I pray I get well soon. D. J.

Everyone has a sad story Part2

I promised to keep the baby, he invited my over, we talked about it, he insisted on abortion, I refused his offer, then he went out to get food, I ate and left his house, then at night I saw blood…lol. I still have some many unanswered questions for him. I lost the baby, I’m a mother of a dead child now . I’m into drugs now. I love drugs, I love smoking, it’s my favorite thing to do. I’m not leaving it anytime soon. I hope I find peace, TIME will heal they say, I hope I find the TIME, or may the TIME find me. Yesterday makes it a year of me being like this. D. J.

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