I met my boyfriend last year June and I noticed that my boyfriend don’t make any move on me for sex except I make the first move, even at that he doesn’t seem like he is enjoying the whole thing but he take care of me very well. Fast forward to 2022 so we had a date one day and I invited my younger brother, my boyfriend met my younger brother and he has been begging me to let him have my brother that he is into guys. I said no problem because i am enjoying the money. To cut long story shot my boyfriend paid me #800k to let him have my brother, I colonized my brother, I promise him new phone so he can do it. I was in the room when my boyfriend was devouring my brothers but hole, I could see the joy on my boyfriend’s face and the pain and tears from my brothers face, I enjoyed watching but I felt sorry for my brother. This is 2022, anything for the money. My boyfriend promised to give me #400k every month if I can continuously be bringing my brother.

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