overcoming addiction 🙁

I developed an addiction to watching porn quite young. I saw someone watching it at like 9 and honestly I didn’t know what it was, it just seemed interesting to watch. I realized later on while someone was preaching that it was bad. I stopped touching myself and tried to stop watching it but it’s very hard to be honest. I get horny alott so when I feel like that I always feel like watching it, I’ve stopped for like 5 months now. it’s good ngl, I feel lighter and without guilt of committing a sin. I almost watched it again and I couldn’t because my phone was glitching, I think that is the universe telling me to stop. I’m trying really hard to for real. I’m still young and I don’t want to have such sexual thoughts all the time. I thought it was abnormal until I found that other people are going through similar things….
anyways that’s it. I’ll update yall on my progress 👍🏽

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