I’m in pain

I honestly attract other people’s men and I’m honestly exhausted, the minute I like someone, it’s either he has a babe or an ex he can’t ever get over. I recently met someone who told me the truth from the beginning (that he’s seeing someone) and I decided to hang with him, I hung out with him several times and now I’m more attached than I expected because we sync so well. I just left him yesterday and now I saw a video of his babe in his car, I know I don’t have any right to be jealous but honestly I’m in shambles right now,I was already battling with health issues but when I saw the video I honestly just lost my mind. I wish I didn’t agree to meet him, because honestly speaking I feel like I’m about to start a whole messed up 2021 situationship cycle in 2022. I was already making plans to get him so many gifts from fashion nova for valentines because that’s the least designer I can afford,I’m so happy my card declined last night. Long story short, I really pray God directs my own man to me, tired of drama honestly, it all makes me feel like I’m suffering from a curse.

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