father’s birthday 🥺✨ 10-01-22

Happy birthday Dad, you would have been older today if you were alive. I hope you don’t rest in peace yet😭. It’s kind of selfish but the family is going through financial difficulties. Just do something from heaven because mom really can’t handle this alone 💔

i. am sorry 😔🙏🏼

this is to address some comments under the post of the secret I shared on my dad’s birthday. (10-01-22)
my dad was a awesome father. he died when I was very young .. mind you I’m the first child. I’m 16 presently and my family is going through deep financial struggles. my mother has health issues and it’s really weighing us down. Im not able to go to uni with my set mates because of financial problems so I have to take a gap year.
I only said that because I was feeling really bad. I do care genuinely about my father and I see some of the points you guys made, my choice of words were really bad. I love my dad and I do believe even if people think it’s childish that he is looking out for me and my siblings. I know that If he was alive things would have been different. but I’ve learned to accept my life as it is.
rip daddy 💔😔

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