This is really awkward lol, I don’t even know where to begin. I guess I’ll just start anyhow.
Okay, so I’m heartbroken or something close to that. My so called girlfriend treats me like a total stranger. I mean, I think I deserve it, going by how I treated some girls in the past.
Hard guy hard guy lol, I fell in love when I should have just ignored. I’m just a fool in love. I’ve come to a conclusion that love isn’t meant for everyone and happiness is highly overrated. I should have just learnt my lesson but foolish me keeps falling over and over. I love and hate love at the same time.
I wish to never ever love again. It hurts so much when it’s being one-sided and I’m a very emotional person even though I try so much to hide it but trust me, it hurts a lot. I know I’ll definitely survive this as well.
It’s not like this is the worst I’ve been through, I just hope depression doesn’t kill me. I’m almost 25 and I already have high blood pressure, it sucks I know but I’ll survive this I know. I just hope I really learn this time. Oh, sapa ain’t helping matters as well. But on God, I know I’ll pull through.
I’ll just smile through it and act as if I’m okay but deep down, I’m the saddest person on earth lol…..

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