I’m not feeling anything but I’m feeling something. More like I can put my fingers on what I’m feeling. I think I feel that I would have been in a more better place than I am right now if I took life more seriously. I have a lot to do but still I’ll be online watching memes and feeling worst. I think I need help. Funny that I’m a therapist though. Someone help meee!!! I’m drowning. I go all day without achieving anything. I’m tired.

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  1. I think the first thing is try not to put all the blame on yourself, nevertheless we can’t rule out your excesses but injustice believe in the midst of it, you still can pinpoint something which draws your attention that can be of help, so try working your area of discipline along the part that works well for and if you need someone to work through that journey with you and if permission is given, you can reach out to me on that mail. Take care.

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