I have given and still giving all to my family, my fathers is so so irresponsible, hard as it is to say but yes this is the truth. I have lived just 25 years to life and I am taking too much upon myself and if I don’t stop now, I’d destroy my life. My family don’t know when to stop collecting and I can never say no. My sadness is dark and depthless yet I still give not only to my family but anyone but I never get the same never! My dad will do anything even if it would destroy his home or take his child’s life just to blame it on my mom. But when will this ever end because I am beginning to get lost. What would I give to the family that would come from me? Can I love the man I’d marry ? I feel toxic and I am loosing it . I low key hate my parents, my mom most especially for being too tolerate, calm, enduring , like if it was me I am sure I’d have long murdered my father 😡 someone help me, I feel like a failure and a bad person all at once. I never asked for this cross.

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