I took an item out of a store by mistake and when I realized how it happened and how easy it was, I decided to consciously shoplift. I’ve done a full set of new makeup over a short period of time from the same place. It’s so sad because if you see me, you wouldn’t believe it. I have the money, and doing well for myself. But my lame excuse is that I’m mad that everything is now so unnecessarily expensive talk less of makeup. I’d rather buy expensive food than expensive makeup.

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  1. I was a shoplifter too till I got caught, and just like you I could pay for the stuffs I was taking but it was the trill and how expensive things got that made me continue doing it but in the end I got caught. I was so ashamed of myself and the people at the store threatened to call the police unless I paid 10times for the things I stole, and they didn’t even allow me take the things after I paid. They slapped me and even made a recording of me. I just kept on praying that they won’t post the video on I.g. . I really liked the store cause their stuffs were reasonable priced but i cant shop there anymore cause of what happend. so my advice to you, please stop cause it’s not worth all the embarrassment that comes with it. I really hope you see.

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