I live for giveaways, everything about me is giveaway. My clothes are hand-me- downs from church members. I paid my school fees and hostel fee with the #50,000 I won from Mizwanneka on Instagram, I won #20k from Mapia tea, I used that to buy data to come back to win more and buy foodstuffs. I hustle for giveaways because I’m this broke 19 year old with a struggling mother who is a cleaner in Unilag with meager salary. My so-called friends are cashing out on crypto, I approached one asking for help to also show me the way out of poverty and she got really upset. It’s not everytime I win, I win this giveaways though and it pains me because to me, this is my side job

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  1. I can teach you about crypto if you’re interested, i don’t make much either but i’ve sure had good days with crypto. Let me know if you’re interested, probably there’ll be a way to comment with you if this comment gets posted.

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