Engaged, together for 5 years but I don’t even know if she cares anymore. Feel like she has emotionally manipulated me to stay this long. Tried breaking up before but she cries me back and now makes me feel she changed because I hurt her by attempting to break up. So why wouldn’t she just put us both out of our misery?

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  1. I want to know if I am a clown staying with a nigga that isn’t financially invested in our relationship . He’s a graduate I’m a student but I do jobs to get money here and there (he makes over x3 of what I make tho) Ech time my boyfriend complain small fiam I don do transfer. Baby you are hungry, let me order you food, I don order. Baby you like this fit, let me order for you fiam I don order. Baby take boyfriend allowance baby take get well soon money baby take this baby take that. He doesn’t ask me but I know these are the things you do when you love someone.. if I do mental calculation I have spent well over 300k on this guys head but he isn’t even financially invested in our relationship. No dates (he say he be introvert lori iro) but he always spend time with his friends outdoors. No dates no outings just sex and inshallah. My last birthday I only got a queen was born and the birthday before that. Not even small 5k for cake!. How you go get girlfriend you no go fit impress or Am I just being petty abi Na me dey cheap???

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