I’m 20 and I feel I’m doing it all wrong i can’t keep up with any money making ideas I personally don’t even like the idea of depending on a guy or asking people for money, I hate the idea of runs, i started a business one time when I kept friends only me fell out of it . Right now I just scroll the social media every day I can’t even keep up with anybody like how can someone be so antisocial and broke.

Cont’d of Productivity

I just keep on motivating and telling myself something will eventually fall out but Omo I don dey loose hope and I’m gradually starting to become a burden to my parents. I have friends making it mind you I’m not even jealous of anyone I’m legit happy for them but I just keep on asking myself what I’m doing wrong and I get depressed when I’m not productive so guess who is always depressed. And I’m not even excelling very well academically. It’s honestly tiring but I’m still trying to be positive to see what will happen eventually. It’s like everyone is doing something but me.

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