Confused 😕

I’m 20 years, I stop schooling just to see my family through after the death of my dad. My dad is someone I appreciate his effort a lot but sickness dose not allow him to leave anything for us. After his death it was so hard so we relocated because the family is not helping, my mom got no job. So at the age of 16 I took my bag and went to a state that I don’t even know anyone there just to hustle ! Cutting it short it been hard for me but trying my best along with my brother now. My five siblings are schooling, all about to finish they secondary school. But I’m depressed because I’ve been insulted so many times for not going to school ! I stopped at jss2 . But trying my best and meeting my new girlfriend who agreed to be in a relationship with me and since I got into a relationship with her I’ve been dead broke but I don’t want to look at her side thinking the fault is from there what do I do ? I love her so much and have a lot of good plans for her I want to stick with her love her and marry her because I’m a type who love to stick with one woman ! I was able to set up an apartment worth #2m within a month but now I can’t even afford anything !!

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