Hepatitis B disclosure Issue

Was diagnosed hepatitisB 3 years ago, doctor says virus is inactive, and i have limited chances of infecting others. I do routine medical checkup, I have stable income and wish to get married but, I fear telling any lady! Fear of rejection and telling others. Although there’s a vaccine to prevent infection, might just remain single.

One comment

  1. With Hep B that the right woman wouldn’t mind.

    Yes there is a vaccine for the person who isn’t infected. Taken over time..3 or 5 stages, don’t recall now and you mustn’t miss the dates.

    Married 6 years and I took the vaccine before marriage, was not infected nor my kids…

    Worst case scenario, when he meets the woman he is sure is the right one, they should do the tests together…churches usually request this anyway…and when the doctor asks if he should tell her he should say yes. It’s not a life sentence. They would have shared a lot together and something as preventable as Hep B shouldn’t end that

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